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Why Friendship?

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Why Friendship?

Friendship is a vibrant, green, community-spirited neighborhood in the heart of Pittsburgh’s East End.

Friendship Events

Join us for the Friendship Community Picnic in Baum Grove on July 17th from 6:00-8:00pm! Click the arrow for details.

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There’s always something happening in Friendship! Don't miss the House Tour or the next Street Ambassadors meeting.
  • Communications and Community Building
    Communications and Community Building

      The Communications and Community Building Committee works to strengthen the connective tissue of community in the neighborhood and to enhance the visibility of Friendship in the City...

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  • Neighborhood and Environment
    Neighborhood and Environment

      The Neighborhood and Environment Committee works to improve the neighborhood environment of Friendship by maintaining Friendship’s green spaces at the Montessori Playpark and Baum Grove; reducing litter...

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  • Housing and Business Borders
    Housing and Business Borders

    The Housing and Business Borders Committee (HBBC) strives to develop a neighborhood with energy efficient, well maintained houses and apartment buildings, with no blighted properties and high quality...

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  • Penn Avenue Arts Initiative
    Penn Avenue Arts Initiative

    The Penn Avenue Arts Initiative (PAAI)was launched by the Friendship Development Associates in 1998 in collaboration with the Bloomfield Garfield Corporation as a way to revitalize the Penn...

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