Sustainability and Community Development


The Housing and Business Borders Committee (HBBC) is launching new initiatives to enhance the sustainability, beauty and connectivity of Friendship. The team is hard at work:

  • Promoting and facilitating energy efficiency strategies to keep housing affordable.
  • Creating a database of reliable community resource recommendations (contractors, plumbers, roofers, etc.)
  • Investigating a neighborhood investment fund that provides seed money for neighborhood projects.
  • Fostering landlord accountability, encouraging good leasing practices, and promoting responsible building maintenance.
  • Working with Penn Avenue Arts Initiative to continue development of a vibrant arts community.
  • Re-evaluating neighborhood zoning designations, including the number of rental units in any one property.
  • Advancing better housing policy and tools locally and regionally by working with City agencies and departments.

HBBC is currently looking for neighbors interested in helping to achieve these goals.  Of particular need are landlords, realtors, engineers, developers, persons in the construction industry and persons with knowledge of city planning, however any neighbor can join the committee by attending an HBBC or FCG meeting and requesting membership.

The Housing and Business Borders Committee meets on the first Tuesday of the month from 7:30- 8:30PM. For more information and for meeting locations, e-mail the HBBC at