Friendship House Tour

The Friendship House & Architecture Tour has been announced for September 18, 2016. Come tour the beautiful homes of Friendship residents! Discounted Early Bird tickets (save $5!) are now on sale through ShowClix.

Gable Front Clarendon back garden

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Houses on Tour

Jennifer Haven & Steve Morrow - 205 S Pacific Ave Pittsburgh, PA 15224

  • Build date: 1905
  • Form: Foursquare
  • Style: Colonial Revival
  • Prominent or interesting details: Numerous stained glass windows and leaded glass pocket doors.
  • When purchased: 2004
  • Why Friendship: I used to jog through this neighborhood and admired the large brick homes with detailed wood corbels and wide, columned porches.
  • Renovations: We spent our first two weeks as homeowners working around the clock to remove drop ceilings, carpeting, and wallpaper, and replacing modern baseboards and other woodwork with more traditional versions. Over the years, we have replaced much of the wood exterior trim, gutted and rehabbed three bathrooms, kitchen, dining room, and created a master suite in the third floor. We have also added a small sun room and deck to the back of the house. During our current break from construction, we're planning our next project 😉
  • Design/ decor style: We admire classic period decor and Art Deco lighting, but mix those with European and Asian antiques and collectibles.
  • Favorite spot in house: The new window seat in the sunroom! I love to read and relax there after I send my boys off to school.

Terry Irwin and Gideon Kossoff - 229 S Pacific Ave Pittsburgh, PA 15224

  • Build date: 1901
  • Form and Style: Four Square
  • Prominent or interesting details: Two original stained glass windows, lots of original wood paneling and flooring, pocket doors, 3 original fireplaces with Victorian Tile, servant’s staircase up from kitchen
  • When purchased: 2009
  • Why Friendship: We liked the diversity in Friendship and that fact that people were out on the street and interacting with each other. We also loved the architecture of these old homes
  • Renovations: Extensive kitchen remodel, remodeled bathroom on second floor, patio in backyard, new perennial garden, new landscaping in front yard, new exterior color scheme, extensive bookshelves added to the living and dining room areas.
  • Design/ Decor style: Eclectic mix of antiques, modern pieces, artwork/artifacts from our travels. Remodels reference the period architecture of the house in its use of materials (bead board, soapstone, Victorian pendant lights)
  • Favorite spot in the house: ‘nook’ area in kitchen that looks out onto patio and back garden
    The house is one of 4 ‘spec’ houses built by two brothers in Bloomfield and was first occupied by a widow and her young son.

Clark Haynes and Emily Bush - 205 S Atlantic Ave Pittsburgh, PA 15224

  • Build date: 1919
  • Form and Style: Elements of Art & Crafts and Colonial Revival
  • Prominent or interesting details: Stone exterior, fireplaces and mantles, marble kitchen floor and matching marble on front porch
  • When purchased: 2011
  • Who lives/ worships/ volunteers here? Emily and Clark with their 4 cats and 4 chickens. Emily also runs a furniture refinishing business, Urbane Reclamation, from our house.
  • Why Friendship: Friendship has a small, neighborhood feel with houses that have a lot of character and charm. Plus, it's very walkable and in the middle of all the development happening in the East End.
  • Renovations: Kitchen in 2012
  • Design/ Decor style: Classic pieces with pops of colors and prints
  • Favorite spot in the house: Kitchen (we love to cook!) and the front porch on summer evenings
  • Any other funny or interesting story: The entire line of facing stones (10-12, 50 lbs each) on our front porch fell off a few summers ago. It happened in one swift instant and sounded like a car crash! Later, we found out the front steel support beam had corroded so much, it had slowly been "pushing" the facing stone away until they collapsed. In the end, the front steel beam, as well as the side beams, were replaced, and the upper portion of the porch was rebuilt. It was quite fun watching a large boom truck crane remove and replace the heavy beams!

Jeffrey Dorsey, Holly King - 206 S Pacific Ave Pittsburgh, PA 15224

  • Build date: 1900
  • Form and Style: Painted Lady Victorian (Wood Clapboard Siding, Balloon Frame)
  • Prominent or interesting details: Wrap Around Porch & Intricate Turned Columns, Original Faux Woodwork, slate mantle, re-used interior transoms, glass pocket doors and french doors. Combined with contemporary open plan living space and transitional style kitchen.
  • When purchased: 1998
  • Who lives here: The Dorsey Family - Jeffrey, Holly, Eliza, and Emmett
  • Why Friendship: We moved to Friendship because we wanted a house with wood floors, radiator heat, and some charm that was in a diverse neighborhood. It also had to have at least two floors (because at the time Jeffrey was a full-time artist working from home and needed the separation from work/home life). Additionally, we preferred the proportions of the victorian houses to the four squares, the assymetry. But what really sold us was the wrap around porch and that all of our neighbors spend time on their front porch! We felt the sense of community immediately. At the time we purchased it was also cheap...and a duplex, with a 1st floor apartment that gave us rent towards our mortgage so we could live affordably. Best of all, it gave us the opportunity to dream up a plan for how we would eventually convert it back into a single family home for our children...which is what we've been doing ever since.
  • Renovations: The homeowners have been working on various renovation projects since moving in, including converting what was a duplex back into a single family home in 2013-14. Renovations included: Re-plastered walls (1st flr.) & Drywalling (2nd & 3rd flrs.), custom woodworking (built-in shelves and bookshelves, closets, and various wooden transoms, french doors and pocket doors added), faux grain painting in interior hallway & family room, interior moldings and trim, high velocity air conditioning, split-zoned heat with new european radiators, whole house electrical re-wire and addition of recessed lights and ceiling fans, updated plumbing, chimney removal, new wide plank oak flooring, new kitchen and bathrooms, mudroom, 1st floor laundry room, exterior glass doors and some new windows, rebuilt porches, fieldstone patio and exterior painting.
  • Design/ Decor style: Transitional - a mix of historic details and contemporary updates.
  • Favorite spots in the house: The light!
    Jeffrey loves turning the corner from Coral onto S. Pacific and seeing our house from a 3/4s view, walking through the blue front doors with the stained glass transom, and then entering and seeing the enfilade they created via pocket doors that open through the entry hall to create one un-interrupted line of site.
    Holly enjoys sitting on the couch in front of the picture window reading a book.
    Eliza loves her bedroom with the big front windows.
    Emmett loves making things in the studio because of the light.
  • Any other funny or interesting story: In order to fit one of his large paintings in their living room, Jeffrey cut one of his paintings in half. There are lots of original artworks in the house including a display for sale and by commission including house prints by Abbie Miller and Ceramicware by Jenna Vanden Brink, both of whom work at Union Project with Jeffrey.

Jennifer Wilhelm - 303 S Fairmount Ave Pittsburgh, PA 15224

  • Build date: 1902
  • Form and Style: Foursquare /Colonial Revival
  • Prominent or interesting details: Original fireplaces and intricate wood flooring
  • When purchased: 2010
  • Who lives/ worships/ volunteers here? Murray O’Donnell, 7 years old, grey fur. Murray is a longtime suffer of seasonal allergies and looks forward to the winter. He enjoys watching squirrels and neighborhood cats. Murray has ruined all of the furniture in the house. He lives here with two adults and a toddler.
  • Why Friendship: Beautiful unique houses close to all the amenities.
  • Renovations: Our house was originally a single family home built by local steamboat captain, Jacob Menges. After falling into disrepair the house was purchased and rehabbed by Friendship Community Group in the 1990’s. While much of the house was updated at that time, original wood detail and inlayed wood floors remain. During the renovation, the house was reconfigured into its current three units. Since purchasing the house five years ago, we have renovated and updated each unit in turn - putting in new floors, appliances, new paint, carpet, and a new downstairs kitchen.
  • Design/ Decor style: Our style isn’t so much a style as a compromise of very different tastes.
  • Favorite spot in the house: The downstairs bathroom. This bathroom contains a replica plaque of Men at Work’s multi-platinum debut album, “Business As Usual”. Coincidentally, a picture in the bathroom also bares the phrase, “Men at Work”. This was entirely by chance and was not realized until a few months after both pictures were hung.
    Favorite event at the site/ building: In 2012, the tree in the backyard was struck by lightning. A piece of the charred wood from the strike can be found displayed on the living room mantel.

Dan Holland and Kasia Sudol - 127 Roup Ave Pittsburgh, PA 15224

  • Owners: Dan Holland and Kasia Sudol, sharing home with their 2 children
  • 10th owners purchasing in June 1999
  • Shingle style house constructed in 1894 for John G. and Dutie M. Bright and their children for $45, 000
  • When they purchased the home it had been divided into 3 apts. they converted the home back to a single-family dwelling.
  • When they first saw the home they fell in love with the original woodwork, stainglass windows and pocket doors
  • They chose Friendship becasue of the unique and lovely architecture of the area and the friendliness of the neighbors. Its called Friendship for a reason!
  • Renovation includes a new master bath, kitchen and powder room, new front porch, playroom and most recently murals painted in the playroom and kids bedrooms
  • Favorite rooms are the front porch in the summer and the playroom/TV in the winter.
  • We love to share the beauty of our home and to share wine and good conversation on our front porch on lovely summer evenings

Points of interest

  • The Octopus Garden: A place where imagination grows
    133 South Aiken, Pittsburgh, PA 15206
    The Octopus Garden is a community garden located in Pittsburgh’s Friendship neighborhood. It is a place where neighbors can grow plants, harvest foods, share recipes, and gather to enjoy the outdoors.
    The garden (now 6 years old) is ripe and blooming with community gardeners, friends, and foods such as rhubarb, tomato, peaches and tomatoes. Many families, although they don't have time to take care of a garden plot, frequently visit the space. During their visit they have the opportunity to smell herbs, look at flowers and learn about the various vegetables growing at the time, creating a connection between where food comes from and what they eat at home.
    But, two of the most charming features of the garden is Octavia, a mosaic octopus sculpture in the center of the garden that welcomes its neighbors as they pass by and Doris a Fabulousa Lochnessa Kaleidoscopa Mosaica. Local artist created both sculptures Lauren Jean McLaughlin and Bob Ziller with help from the community! The sculptures have magically transformed the space. A simple act like gardening is truly a rich activity but when combined with art suddenly new possibilities emerge and take shape.
    Learn more
  • Latham St. Commons: A place where people food and new ideas meet
    Latham St. Commons is both a place and a dream. Today, it’s a parcel of land surrounded by 19th-century garages, half a block from the hustle-bustle of Penn Avenue in the East End of Pittsburgh. We dream of it becoming a place where neighbors come together to learn, grow and create positive, sustainable change in the community. To make this dream a reality, we’ll focus on the critical intersection of food and health as a vehicle for social change. Our goal is simple: we provide the space and resources for the community to grow in whichever way it desires. LSC is not something imposed upon the community, but rather something that grows out of the community, and reflects the people within it.
    The Garfield and Friendship communities are comprised of people of all walks of life, backgrounds and interests. Each has a unique and beautiful history, but today their differences seem stark rather than beautiful. Penn Avenue physically divides the two, but significant cultural differences divides them as well.
    We’re curious to discover the underlying factors contributing to the division. How did it start? What continues to fuel it today? Socio-economics? Education? Healthcare? Race? Religion? We don’t have all the answers, but we do see some promise in the three common needs of members in these communities—better food, better education, and better health.
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  • Baum Grove
    The Baum Grove Parklet is used by the community of the Friendship neighborhood for community events, public music concerts, meeting area for neighborhood events.
    Learn more

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