Friendship House Tour

The Friendship House & Architecture Tour has been announced for September 18, 2016. Come tour the beautiful homes of Friendship residents! Discounted Early Bird tickets (save $5!) are now on sale through ShowClix.

Gable Front Clarendon back garden

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Houses on Tour

1. Gianakas 369 S Graham
2. Bellotti 416 Winebiddle
3. DeLucia 408 S Pacific Ave
4 Seidel 418 S Pacific Ave
5 Grau 331 S Evaline St
6 Beavers 221 S Millvale
7 Hotel Evaline (Dereck Walton) 426 S Evaline St

Points of interest

  • The Octopus Garden: A place where imagination grows
    133 South Aiken, Pittsburgh, PA 15206
    The Octopus Garden is a community garden located in Pittsburgh’s Friendship neighborhood. It is a place where neighbors can grow plants, harvest foods, share recipes, and gather to enjoy the outdoors.
    The garden (now 6 years old) is ripe and blooming with community gardeners, friends, and foods such as rhubarb, tomato, peaches and tomatoes. Many families, although they don't have time to take care of a garden plot, frequently visit the space. During their visit they have the opportunity to smell herbs, look at flowers and learn about the various vegetables growing at the time, creating a connection between where food comes from and what they eat at home.
    But, two of the most charming features of the garden is Octavia, a mosaic octopus sculpture in the center of the garden that welcomes its neighbors as they pass by and Doris a Fabulousa Lochnessa Kaleidoscopa Mosaica. Local artist created both sculptures Lauren Jean McLaughlin and Bob Ziller with help from the community! The sculptures have magically transformed the space. A simple act like gardening is truly a rich activity but when combined with art suddenly new possibilities emerge and take shape.
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  • Baum Grove
    The Baum Grove Parklet is used by the community of the Friendship neighborhood for community events, public music concerts, meeting area for neighborhood events.
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