Communications and Community Building

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The Communications and Community Building Committee works to strengthen the connective tissue of community in the neighborhood and to enhance the visibility of Friendship in the City at large. The Committee strives to realize this mission through organizing community events and celebrations, publishing the neighborhood newsletter and e-news, keeping Friendship in the City news media, maintaining the neighborhood website, and, most recently, developing a network of Friendship Street Ambassadors.


Want to get involved?

Join with neighbors to help organize Friendship's annual events and celebrations:

  • The Friendship Flower and Folk Festival (May)
  • The Friendship Inspiration Station of the Pittsburgh Marathon (May)
  • The Friendship Yard Sale (July)
  • The Friendship House Tour (Fall)
  • The Friendship Progressive Dinner (Spring)
  • The Friendship Holiday Celebration (December)
  • The Neighborhood Picnic (July)
  • Friendship Quarterly Community Meetings

Help with website design and upkeep and with social media communications.

Join the Friendship Newsletter editorial team:

  • write an article
  • take community photos
  • proofread and edit
  • provide graphic design expertise

Become a Friendship Street Ambassador!

For more information, contact

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