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Welcome to Friendship, a vibrant and diverse neighborhood offering the best of urban living in Pittsburgh’s East End!

A gem of a neighborhood nestled between Shadyside, Bloomfield, East Liberty, and the Penn Avenue Arts District, Friendship shines with beautiful tree-lined streets, top notch restaurants and coffee shops, community gardens, parks and playgrounds, an eclectic mix of stately Victorian, Edwardian and Arts and Crafts houses, and among the friendliest neighbors in the ‘Burgh!


Map of Friendship

Interesting Tidbits

  • Charles Bartberger, a famous 20th Century architect, designed the Friendship School, now Pittsburgh Montessori, and also lived in the neighborhood at 408 S Pacific Avenue.
  • Once mayor of Pittsburgh and then Governor of PA, David Lawrence, lived in the stone house at the corner of Harriet and South Aiken.
  • From 1914 to 1921, The Pittsburgh College of Chiropractic which was one of the nation’s first chiropractic institutes, resided in Friendship at 130 South Fairmount.
  • The brown brick house at 5465 Coral has only two bedrooms. It’s a “Hully house,” built in the 1920s by a developer called Hully, as a “modern” alternative to all the neighborhood’s big houses with servants.
  • One of the Negley family mansions is located at 238 South Negley which was built by a Negley who had been a Civil War general.
  • One of the oldest homes in Friendship is the 1870s farmhouse at 5302 Coral Street. When Friendship was converted from farmland to grid streets, the home was repositioned to face the street.
  • The Wonder Boys, Smart People and the Piano Lesson are movies that were filmed in Friendship.
  • On the corner of Harriet and Pacific streets is a shrub in the shape of a jumping dolphin. Looking for more interesting shrubbery? The Hemlock tree on Winebiddle is one of the oldest in Pittsburgh.
  • The Rite Aid at the Corner of Roup and Baum was a former Firestone Rubber and Tire facility. About 10 years ago, the structure was scheduled to be demolished, but concerned Friendship neighbors worked with the pharmacy to keep it in tact.
  • 5430 Penn Avenue, most recently the Quiet Storm coffee house, and about to be a new restaurant, was formerly a nuisance bar. With persistent calls to the police, Friendship residents helped close the bar and Friendship Development Associates acquired the property. A nearby neighbor approached FDA with the idea of a coffee shop and the Quiet Storm was converted into a family friendly neighborhood gathering place.

History of the Neighborhood
Friendship Community Group