Friendship Community Group

FCG Meeting

The Friendship Community Group (FCG) is the neighborhood advocacy group for Friendship. FCG was formed as a result of the 2011 Friendship Community Plan when residents, property owners and business representatives worked together to set neighborhood goals through 2016. The mission of FCG is to actualize the goals set forth in the existing Community Plan, through working to:

* Strengthen the connective tissue of Friendship by encouraging neighbors’ engagement with each other and with the neighborhood as a whole

* Enhance the natural beauty, safety, and public health of Friendship

* Preserve Friendship’s architectural heritage and the aesthetic integrity of residential properties

* Support a progressive and engaged approach to promoting a thriving multicultural business and arts community along Friendship’s borders.

The Friendship Community Group also aspires to work together with neighbors to continually evolve the Community Plan to reflect the collective identity, needs and visions of the community.

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