The FCG Board is elected by the community and is composed of volunteers from diverse backgrounds who share an interest in helping Friendship be the best it can be. Board members commit to serving a two-year term with the option of running for a second term.


Members of the current FCG Board:

  • Martha Terry, President,

Martha Terry has lived in Friendship since 1993, in one of the oldest homes in the neighborhood, commissioned in 1870 by Peter Miller, a barber from the Strip.  Martha just joined the Board, and was elected president at the recent retreat.  However, she is no newcomer to being in leadership positions.  She served as President of Friendship Preservation Group from 1998-2000, has been part of the Friendship Flower and Folk Festival (F4) committee for over a decade and trains trolley docents for the House Tour.  Her particular concerns are to raise awareness about FCG, maintain Friendship's marvelous diversity, and work to make everyone in Friendship feel valued.  Martha is a faculty member in the Department of Behavioral and Community Health Sciences at Pitt's Graduate School of Public Health, for which she directs the master of public health program.  She adopts big, black dogs because they are the most often euthanized, and she loves to cook and garden. In good weather you may see her on her porch swing, and in all weather you can see her walking Zeus all over Friendship and its environs.

  • Patrick Vernallis, Vice-President

    Patrick Vernallis

Patrick has just recently moved to Friendship in 2014, but is a Pittsburgh native. He frequents Baum Grove Park and can often be seen walking about the neighborhood, he has an affinity for dogs. Patrick is really excited about the new restaurants and businesses popping up in and around Friendship. As Co-Chair of the Communications and Community Building Committee, he is looking forward to all the fun-filled events hosted in Friendship this summer.


  • Larry Laude, Treasurer

Larry and his wife Marianne have lived on South Atlantic since 1984 and were drawn to the neighborhood by its friendly streets and beautiful houses. Larry recently retired after 46 years as a nuclear engineer at the Bettis Laboratory in West Mifflin. He has had extensive experience with nonprofits at the local and national level. Larry enjoys walking in the neighborhood, bicycling, hiking, birdwatching, and traveling, especially to Italy.

  • Anna Tang, Co-Chair, Neighborhood Environment Committee

    Anna Tang

Anna moved to Friendship in 2015. She helped to coordinate the 2016 neighborhood yard sale and joined the FCG Board in 2017. Growing up in the woods of Maine, Appalachian Mountains of Central PA, and finds happiness amongst nature, she joined the Neighborhood and Environmental Committee this year. She is an avid bike commuter and works with the international community of Pittsburgh. She is also helping to get the Street Ambassador program back up and running and looks forward to seeing more people outside making friends in Friendship!


  • John Axtell, Chair, Housing and Business Borders Committee



  • Sara DeLucia

Sara has been a resident of Friendship since 2007, living on South Pacific Ave with her husband and three children.  She loves the architecture, location, and community of Friendship.  Sara is a chemical engineer and corporate strategist focusing on the energy industry.  Her focus on FCG Board of Directors is community engagement and chairing the Friendship House Tour.

  • Monica McElwain

    Monica McElwain

Monica has been a resident of Friendship since 2009, living on the corner of Coral and Friendship.  She became a board member in 2013 and has been highly focusing on the Neighborhood and Environment Committee where she has been spear heading upgrades and enhancements of the Playpark at the Friendship Montessori school.  She is a mother of three children, an art teacher, photographer, and mixed media artist who loves her neighborhood!  She believes Friendship is a small pocket of gorgeous houses, friendly neighbors, and unique places to visit.

  • Mora McLaughlin

  • Jeff Tobe

  • Evan Tobin