Executive Committee

The goal of the FCG Executive Committee is to develop and support the human resources necessary for the internal governance and external representation of the neighborhood. It is the responsibility of the Executive Committee to provide skillful leadership for the implementation of the Friendship Community Plan. In order to accomplish this goal, the Executive Committee works to build strong social networks within the neighborhood, foster broad-based participation with local organizations, and provide opportunities for people to gain experience in leadership roles.

  • Martha Terry, President
  • Patrick Vernallis, Vice President
  • Philip Manion, Treasurer
  • Larry Laude, Secretary



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Neighborhood and Environment

The Neighborhood and Environment Committee works to improve the neighborhood environment of Friendship by maintaining Friendship’s green spaces at the Montessori Playpark and Baum Grove; reducing litter and decreasing incidences of graffiti; and promoting neighborhood safety and public health.

Committee Co-Chairs: Anne Higgins and Monica McElwain




Communications and Community Building

The mission of the Communications and Community Building Committee is to strengthen the connective tissue of community in the neighborhood and to enhance the visibility of Friendship in the City at large. The Committee works to realize this mission through organizing community events and celebrations, publishing the neighborhood newsletter and e-news, keeping Friendship in the City news media, maintaining the neighborhood website, and, most recently, developing a network of Friendship Street Ambassadors.

Committee Co-Chairs: Susan Spangler, Ted Cmarada, Patrick Vernallis



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Housing and Business Borders

The Housing and Business Borders Committee strives to develop a neighborhood with energy efficient, well maintained houses and apartment buildings, with no blighted properties and high quality public spaces; to promote a thriving multicultural business environment and arts community on all sides of Friendship - Penn Avenue, South Negley Avenue, Liberty Avenue and Baum Boulevard; and, to monitor zoning and use of property within Friendship and properties adjacent to the neighborhood’s borders.

Committee Chair:  John Axtell